Mercury, Toyota and Make A Wish

Today, in the middle of a technology crisis, (the result of the cosmic shift known as Mercury in Retrograde) the Make A Wish Foundation sent a large ugly tow truck to my home address and hauled away my well used and beloved Toyota. It had recently given up the ghost and it was time to put the long suffering auto to auction.

Don’t know who, what, or how much they will get for it when the carg oes on the auction block, but the $$$ will go to a good cause and my insurance bill just dropped a few more dollars with the Toyota off the policy.

I’m surprised that I feel the car’s loss as much as I do. I’ve placed the retrieved registration plate near my desk so I can view it and remember happy times and riding adventures. But it was, after all an old car, served me well, but now a danger to drive. (So said the car mechanic at Toyota who evaluated the beast back in September.)

Still, the empty space in the driveway will take some getting used to. Am I crazy? Have you ever been sad to see an old car bite the dust?

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10 years ago

I was always relieved…fewer worries about being stranded on the road!

Linda Bartosik
Linda Bartosik
10 years ago

Oh Pat my husband sympathizes with you! Just Friday he turned his 1999 Ford Ranger for a gorgeous Honda Pilot. It was hard giving up the truck he had 300,000 miles on, but his trip out here tonight was so warm and comfortable he’s glad he did it! And I’m so glad he’s in a new, safe vehicle to do this drive from NY every Friday. We get it! Lol! Enjoy your new car!