6:54 AM – It’s A Little Windy Here… But No Rain At The Moment

I woke up to what I thought was a roaring wind. Air rushing by… Oh no! Irene has arrived! Duh? I had forgotten to turn off the fan in my bedroom.

As long as the electricity holds out I shall be putting in occasional reports about living with the likes of Irene. Right now the winds are picking up, but as you can see from this little picture, the streets are drying out! Rained last night a bit, but nothing too much. I still have the windows open and the front door too. It is very humid and if I were to close everything up I think it would become quite stuffy. Just in case you are wondering all that white in the foreground of the photo is a bed of shells with weeds… it’s NOT SNOW! or HAIL!

The reports are that Irene will get to Long Island around noon, so I figure the full force will reach here much later this afternoon… so it should be a good day for blogging reports. TTFN. I’m off to get some java.


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