7:04 PM… I Survived, But Comcast Died

The internet has been offline since early afternoon… sorry you must have thought I had dropped off … or been swallowed up by vibrant forces of weather… alas, no… nothing so exciting.

I kept the front door open most of the day, enjoying the brisk 40mph+ breezes… and they are almost done here on the Cape… The property suffered minimal damage… just a few loose branches that fell delicately to the ground, one catching on the clothesline… otherwise, not much of anything… .and luckily, no rain!!!!

We had a dry very windy storm rush through… once the morning dawn arises in the east I shall go out and take more pictures and post them here… Thanks for hanging in there with me. It’s been a wild ride today.

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12 years ago

Glad it all went well…and you got some new firewood out of it!