9:06 AM – Storm Still Coming… Still No Rain

We have massive winds blowing up the street and shaking the tree tops… but I still have the front door open, and the fresh air is lovely!!! The wind chime at the bottom of the stairs is ringing wildly. Love it.

Right now I’m off to do some ironing in front of the TV… I usually do this on Sundays watching Meet The Press or some such program, but every local TV station is running radar images of the storm… I guess those of you in Central Mass are getting slammed with rain… but here on the Cape, all is dry but windy. And not so bad, either. So I think I’ll watch a movie instead… I am totally bored with the storm coverage. Poor broadcasters… running around trying to make something more of the storm than it is… the last I saw, the winds were dying and the storm breaking up, losing power and becoming just a nasty nor’easter, which we all can handle.

Twenty years ago without the radar coverage, the tweets, the internet to get us all worked up, we would have thought this just a windy day!!! I’m going to walk to the beach in a while to take pics…unless of course the rains finally come. Stay tuned. My ironing is calling.

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12 years ago

Glad to hear all is well in beach town. It is roaring here in central mass and we haven’t hit the worst of it yet. Two this afternoon is supposed to be the worst of the storm. I am sitting high and dry on the fourth floor. They can throw anything they want at me. (: Stay safe and away from the surf.

Reply to  Daffyhill
12 years ago

just be sure your underground garage doesn’t flood out.