Albuquerque to Santa Fe – Road Trip Tales #5

June 17, Leaving Albuquerque for Santa Fe at 9:45 a.m.

A day visiting the missions, etc.

We will probably camp tonight… not sure. A good night’s rest in a bed really helped our bodies and spirits. But I NEED COFFEE!!!

We went to a Mexican restaurant last nite for supper, I had two Margaritas! Ole!

The land is mostly flat here, with an occasional mountain or two. Lots of desert like plains and then an oasis of trees where a town or city has sprung up.

There is dust everywhere.

Evening – we are at “Ranchero” Camp Ground, SE of Santa Fe. Had a lovely afternoon in Santa Fe, bought a little pot by Navajo Indians and my sister got a silver/turquoise necklace.

We are off to do laundry and take showers, then rest for the evening. Tomorrow we head out to Amarillo Texas and Canyon State Park.

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