Along the James River – Road Trip Tales #14

June 26 – James River Recreation Area, Natural Bridge

Spent the night… very nice spot. Our camping area was remote but also occupied by a family with noisy kids. Still we slept till 9ish.  My sister fixed breakfast and now we are trying to dry our laundry before leaving. Weather is great.

We head up the Blue Ridge Mountains and Shanendoah River of which John Denver sings. I’m sitting in the car trying to avoid the gnats!

Left Natural Bridge at 12:12 p.m. after visiting the schlock shop of souvenirs. My sister bought schlock postcards at the WAX Museum. Thank god she did not insist on our going to the exhibit itself.

Visited the “Enchanted Castle” – a Mom & Pop type enchanted room filled with “upholstery monsters” etc. We bought Cokes and my sister talked to the young guy who made the stuff. She was impressed with his dedication even though the stuff was pretty poor.

I couldn’t stand the gnats and they were everywhere!!!

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