Another Trip South… This Time To SC

Heading off for another golf adventure… this time to Hilton Head with the Tee Club, the women’s business group I play with each Thursday evening during the summers. We’ve planned it since last year and there are 16 women piling on the bus and heading south via US Air early tomorrow morning. Right now, I am warming up an old rotisserie chicken and making myself supper… then heading north to meet a friend in Plymouth… we are going north before the crack of dawn.

Packing a golf bag is a trick…you have to hide the balls and towels and shoes and all the bits and pieces and jamm it all into place inside this specialty bag. Lots of padding including my own special pillow. That wraps around the top of the clubs… one more protection against the bag handlers!

So not much more to say… will keep you up to date as to my superlative golf! 🙂

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12 years ago

You are so lucky to be able to travel to such lovely places. I am stuck here in Nova Scotia, herding sheep and someone has to be here every day. No chance to go anywhere for more than just a few hours. Seems unfair, don’t you think?