At Last I See The Sun Between The Clouds

You know you’ve been suffering from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) when you arrive in sunny Florida and all you see are the hovering rain clouds. Yesterday was such a day… sun peaking through the overcast. But I got in a game of golf after all. A friend with whom I play regularly up north, is a  member of a nearby private club and she invited me to join her for a round of 18. What a hoot. We were joined by some unknown guy, turned out to be a 40+ bartender from a hearby resort — a good golfer, but someone who enjoyed his beer as he played. By the time we got to the 18th hole his putting was totally off. Still, lots of fun. I only lost 8 balls in the lake. I’m not exaggerating. 8 – count ’em!!!

After I put one of my brand new Titlest balls in the pond, my friend gave me a bunch of old balls her husband had found. I played with those. Good thing. I’m going to write about this adventure on my other blog, golf gurls, so you can read every gory detail there. TTFN. The sun is finally out an I am heading for the pool.

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13 years ago

Such a rough life you have! Not good to lose all of your balls at one time. Enjoy the pool.