Back Up On The Bike

Oh such a ride I took this morning. I had to take a quick trip to the local post office to mail a check that is due today. I dragged my old bike out of the garage and pumped up the tires and headed out. Those of you who know my neighborhood know how difficult the ride to the post can be. Weaving in and out of running squirrels, avoiding the puddles and muddy road edges…

Oh! Such a travel this is. This trek is most dangerous as it involves my going out onto a real road. Oh Such travails as I traveled!!! I think my nephew was the last one on the bike sometime late last summer, and his long legs require a high seat. Mine do not and I found myself having to stop and adjust a few times. I finally just hopped off and pulled the seat down an inch or so, and now it is in better position to support my svelt body. 🙂 The letter has been mailed, the bike is back in the yard (I sprayed the gears with WD40 as they were a bit squeaky.)

Actually, the short trip has inspired me to try it again… this time, to the loop!!! Will do that after I eat my very healthy salad for lunch.

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13 years ago

I’m glad that needing to mail the check inspired you to use a bicycle for transport. That 1/4 mile ride down an empty paved road is certainly treacherous. Those squirrels can be downright dangerous. I hope your trip to the loop is as uneventful as your post office trip, and equally as rewarding. Thanks for mailing the check. It’s great having a secretary.

Rhoda Biker
Rhoda Biker
13 years ago

Why did the Cotuit Squirrels bother the biker. Because they thought she was …?

Here’s a link to ‘Happy Birthday from the Cotuit Squirrels!’