Blown Out of the Water AGAIN!!!

You, dear reader, will probably have noticed that the layout of this blog has changed once again. I was quite happy with the just previous design and was asked by the program to update it… just to keep up with all the new fangled changes the blog designer had made.

Poof! As soon as I hit the update button, the whole blog design went to hell in a handbasket…. I tried to rescue it, but alas, to no solution. I don’t have time for this sort of thing. I must write and compete with time to get all my stuff done for both my blogs and my clients. So, without doing much additional exploration, I have settled on this current design for the moment.

I really don’t like unexpected results. You think you know what you’re doing, you follow the rules, the instructions and Poof! something certainly goes awry.

Does this ever happen to you? Why just the other day I had just finished vacuuming the fireplace room and was about to put the appliance away when the cover came off, all the dirt fell out and I had to start all over.

Life is full of such things.

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Cousin Kathy
Cousin Kathy
13 years ago

Pete, pete and re-pete!

13 years ago

Somebody moved your cheese (: