Bush People… Plant People… We Are All Addicted

A local plant farm was practically giving away it’s entire inventory this past week. They open in May and close by the end of June and their prices are super low. Even more so when the end of planting season comes to Cape Cod and everyone is eager to replace or add to the dying plants they stuck in the dirt early on. I certainly did.

Last May I planted a lovely little pea plant in a container near the deck. I prepared the soil, added fertilizer, watered almost every day and put up bamboo poles in anticipation of a wondrous pea plant. Things started out ok, as the weather in May was relatively cool and the pea plant enjoyed favorable conditions. But by mid June as the heat ascended, the pea plant withered into a bit of a vegetable mess. My sister, the master gardener, told me it was because of the heat… “Peas like cold weather. They have to be planted in the cold. Yours are just too withered to survive.”

Yesterday I gave in to mother nature, got more plants from the final sale at the plant farm, ripped out the miserable pea plant and replaced it with a bucket full of botanical annuals… impatiens which I will have a hard time killing.

We shall see how things go.

In the meantime, the entire property is being enhanced by my other sister’s plantings of bushes and bushes and bushes. We are surrounded by lovely azaleas and button nose high brows and potentially tall pointy clumps of green with names I cannot pronounce. As the weather warms and the summer continues, we shall increase in abundance and jungle privacy. I’m looking forward to it. 🙂

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11 years ago

Just remember to water!!!!