Christmas Trees and Palm Trees

It’s a little odd to see twinkling stars on pine branches on an indoor Christmas tree when there are tall majestic palm trees swaying in the gentle breezes just outside the window. Today we set up our friends’ tree for the holiday season. Took about an hour to pop the artificial branches into the stand and hang all the balls and baubles. Splendid result.

Christmas in 80 degrees. Takes a little getting used to. But I think I could manage without the snow plows and soggy mittens of the north. Then again, there is nothing so picturesque as a New England snowfall on a soft hill with the sound of sleigh bells in the distance.

I must admit… I am never satisfied. What I really want is time travel combined with a very fast ticket to many locations so I can appreciate the warmth of the south and the atmosphere of the north during this season.

More later.

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Daffy Hill
Daffy Hill
11 years ago

Sounds like a plan…..tough for the sleigh to land on sandy beaches!