Dice, Cards and a Cookie – and do you use your foot to flush in public toilets?

Last night I was out with a couple of good friends. Good food, good conversation (most of it about recent scandals! – most enlightening) good times. When we had finished our repast we weren’t quite ready to finish the night, so we drove down the street to an upscale hotel to sit in their lobby and have a night cap. A night cap for us meant two cups of tea and a coffee…. the coffee for me as I had to drive home (almost two hours away—and it was nasty weather—I had to stay awake.)

We were fortunate to find a quiet corner of the lobby and settled in for our ritual reading of tarot cards, and astro dice. I was just starting to shuffle the cards when our waitress appeared with our order. “Are those tarot cards?” she asked. I was impressed she recognized them. “If they’re tarot cards you’re fine. If they’re regular cards I have to ask you to put them away. The management considers any card playing gambling and it’s illegal here.” We explained that we were just doing general “hokus pokus” and not Texas Hold’em Poker. She was happy, we were happy. She even brought us three large chocolate chip cookies to enjoy. Great waitress.

Yumm. The cookies and coffee were just what I needed. And the first tarot reading went super well. NINE, count ’em NINE major arcana cards showed up. Now, if you know anything at all about tarot cards you know that is nearly impossible to find in a ten card spread. This friend of mine was being carried by energy beyond control. Good energy I must say, with only happiness coming her way… in a while… not right away. The outcome card was, after all, the Hanged Man. (Don’t worry… just means a “pause” not a death.) The second reading I did for my second friend was not quite so earth shattering… but gave good indicators of the need to let go of anxiety and move forward.

That’s when my friend with the Astro Dice started shaking and rolling…the dice, I mean. I think the management might have had second thoughts about our quiet little gathering when I tossed the dice at the top of the glass coffee table… but no, by that time our waitress was off duty and everyone in the lounge was busy sipping cocktails. We were left alone to contemplate my cosmic future… which is bright, provided I work my tail to the bone…

And what about that question in the title of this post? It came up in conversation—isn’t it interesting how converstations have a tendency to travel in the strangest directions! Ours focused on the “how tos” of staying germ-free when traveling and “necessity” calls. Very enlightening information was exchanged — I won’t go into details for which I’m sure my friends are grateful. And the answer to the question? “Yes,” “Yes” and “You’ve got to be kidding.”

– All in all, a very pleasant night. 🙂

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13 years ago

You can comment on this post…. I clicked a checkbox by mistake… I’m sure you all have something to say about this…. 🙂

13 years ago

Sounds like a good time. Driving home sounds less appetizing.

I use my foot whenever possible. 🙂