Do You Believe in Politics?

I admit I am a news junkie with a definite independent/liberal bent. I listen to NPR, MSNBC and the Comedy Channel for the Daily Show. So my politics is a mix of propaganda, distortion and comedy. And I like it like that. I cannot abide Fox News, except for the weather report. They have the most accurate forecasts if you ask me.

Tomorrow is primary day in my state. I’m thinking of going as an independent and voting for the most far right conservative on the ballot just to mess things up. Problem is they are all wackos. Sorry if you are a Republican, but this primary season has been just too bizarre for words. My favorite candidate’s performance was Herman Cain’s… quoting the Twinkies or Alice in Wonderland or some such. He, thankfully has gone back to selling pizza. Then there was Rick Perry, coming out of Texas. He had potential as a real righty…. but his memory slipped and so did he. Down and back to the dry brush of Texas. There were a couple others I considered cheering for… Michelle from Minnysoda had something going for her until she couldn’t remember the right facts about Elvis… an essential nugget of information…

So who should I vote for? Should I pollute my stellar voting record by tossing a vote? Nah. I think not. I shall reserve my wrath and political judgment till the fall when my vote will really count for something.

But, hey, don’t let me discourage you… If you’re on the right side of this political story get out there and put your mark to paper. If you believe… you should act. Let the chips fall.

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11 years ago

I agree…if you don’t vote when you have an opportunity you have no right to complain later!

Tighty Righty
Tighty Righty
11 years ago

Good God ALMIGHTY!!!! Those poor republicans…. the cast of wing-nuts…. it’s frightening!