Do You Know What They Put In Your Ears?

Fair warning: This is an absolutely TRUE story… but a little bee-zare and if you are eating lunch as you read it, you might want to swallow first before continuing.

I have small ear canals. In fact I have small facial features. (Hard to believe I know, as I have a very BIG MOUTH, rhetorically speaking)… anyway… in spite of my small ear canals I get a lot of wax build up… which of course makes me lose my hearing and I start to shout, which proves I have a BIG MOUTH… but you knew that… anyway…. long story endless (as my dear friend, PCS is always saying)….

I went to the doctor (actually the NP – Nurse Practitioner – who cares, says you, just get to the point!!!) and I had her “blow out my ears.” If you’ve never had it done, it’s quite simple. They pour some liquid into each ear, stuff some cotton in to hold the juice inside, and you wait 10 minutes while the liquid softens the wax in your ear canal. Once that’s done, the nurse floods the ear canal with warm water and the wax easily floats out and VOILA!!! SIS BOOM BAH!  you can hear again. Life is wonderful. Birds begin to sing, the radio doesn’t have to blast away and you stop shouting at people.

“So what’s the magic liquid?” I asked the doctor—sorry, Nurse Practitioner….

Answer… it’s Stool Softener!… Yikes! In my ears! Floating out the wax. A cerebral experience I have yet to get over. Yuk. You ever had it done? Did you know what they put in your ears?

Now you know… and you can finish your lunch. Tra La!

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Earily Small as Well
Earily Small as Well
11 years ago

Dahling, our small ear canals are genetic and I suffer from the same affliction…. you can EASILY do this maintenance your self on a monthly basis… they sell a kit at your local drug store that has the “magic liquid” and a little ear bulb to flush the stuff away. Invest in yourself!

11 years ago

I only ever put beans in my ears…beans in my ears…beans in my ears…tr la! Feel free to sing along if you can HEAR ME!