Don’t Blame the Spiders After All— I Think I’ve Got Hives!

It must be something I ate, but I can’t imagine what…. or perhaps it’s some new soap or detergent I’m using?

Makes no sense. I’ve been over and over my diet and laundry details in my mind and nothing can account for the strange and very itchy string of little bumps that keep appearing in odd places on my body. First my arm, then my torso, now my leg, now my neck…

I did what most internet savvy people do and I checked out WebMD and looked up my symptoms… I think it’s hives. Nothing else explains it…. and the cure? Avoid the food or soap… duh? if I could only figure out what it was! and pop an anti-histamine product like Benadryl, which, taken every four hours does keep the itching at bay… that and hydrocortisone which I need to replenish — I’ve squeezed the tube dry.

If you have a suggestion I’m open to hearing it.

I’ve heard that people develop strange allergies as they grow older… is this a sign of my “growing up?” Sigh…. what else can I look forward to?

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