Downloading Blues

I’ve got the windows open on two computers and am downloading too many things at once. getting jammed! I ordered more memory for the two Mac Pro desktops… But I will probably go mad from the delays and spinning whirligig before the memory arrives…. It’s almost as if my computers have dementia! Can Macs get dementia I wonder?

In any event… Working hard in three directions… Just published another ebook…. This one on Golf Games.   Details to follow.   Meantime, while the weather is still good I am transplanting a couple of dying bushes from shady spots to sunny spots…. And propping up some hedges before the snows come…. Leaves beginning to fall…… Need to buy a new rake!

Life is just packed with little distractions… Don’t you think?  More romance writing tonite!

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ADD + You
ADD + You
9 years ago

so many things going on… so many distractions… do we both suffer from ADD?

Write the romance, girlfriend!

Ann Berkshire
Ann Berkshire
8 years ago

Interesting idea for a short story — computer with dementia. Did it have romance in its younger years? I hope so….