Downloading Blues

I’ve got the windows open on two computers and am downloading too many things at once. getting jammed! I ordered more memory for the two Mac Pro desktops… But I will probably go mad from the delays and spinning whirligig before the memory arrives…. It’s almost as if my computers have dementia! Can Macs get dementia I wonder?

In any event… Working hard in three directions… Just published another ebook…. This one on Golf Games.   Details to follow.   Meantime, while the weather is still good I am transplanting a couple of dying bushes from shady spots to sunny spots…. And propping up some hedges before the snows come…. Leaves beginning to fall…… Need to buy a new rake!

Life is just packed with little distractions… Don’t you think?  More romance writing tonite!

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ADD + You
ADD + You
11 years ago

so many things going on… so many distractions… do we both suffer from ADD?

Write the romance, girlfriend!

Ann Berkshire
Ann Berkshire
11 years ago

Interesting idea for a short story — computer with dementia. Did it have romance in its younger years? I hope so….