Drying Out in Massachusetts

Got home from vacation quite late last night. Our flight out of Fort Myers was delayed by three hours and we arrived at Logan in the middle of a snowstorm. Our pickup at the airport fought the snarly traffic and slushy roads to meet us when we called. My traveling companion urged me to stay at her house for the night, but I knew if I didn’t right away I would be shoveling snow in the morning. Reports said it was only raining on the Cape, and if I could only drive a few more miles south of the city, the ride would not be too bad. So I set out.

Unfortunately this was the first real storm of the season and the drivers were all very cautious. First storms do that… everyone slowed to a crawl. It took nearly an hour to get as far south as Plymouth to the beginning of the snow/rain line and I still had forty minutes to go. At exit five there is a Hampton Inn… maybe it was worth it to pay $100 and get off the road? Nah. I cranked up the radio – the Saturday Night Reggae Music Station was blasting and that kept me going.

Made it home by midnight. Long drive, good sleep in my own bed. And the sun’s out. Only 40 degrees! but at least there is sun. Alleluia.

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