Eskimo Pies and Seeds To Spread!

Who would think that a trip to the bank would end up with such an interesting mix of messages! One of the tellers at my local bank posts a trivia question each morning on a white board behind the teller counter. Usually they are of such an obscure nature I can’t figure an answer… but yesterday! Voila!

“What is inside an Eskimo Pie?”  There were four possible answers written just underneath the question. Blubber? An Eskimo? Peanut Butter? Ice Cream?   OOOOhhh! OOOOh! I know the answer to that one! I was so proud of myself.

“The answer is Ice Cream! Yummmmm!” I declared, visions of childhood birthday parties and back yard BBQ deserts drifting through my mind.

“You are right!” smiled the Teller. And for having the right answer, you get a prize! At which point she handed me a most interesting postcard. It had an image of a leaf on it, and there, glued to the middle, was a pressed leaf with little bubbles within. A seed melt-a-way!

“You put this in the ground, water it, and soon you’ll have a patch of wild flowers!” the Teller assured me.

Hmmmmmm? you really think so? I’ve never tried to grow anything with a seed melt-a-way… but hey? Spring is just around the corner. Maybe it will work.

Well, I’m going to try it, and I’m going to keep track of the growth with photos which I shall share with you. So keep an eye out!

I’m all excited. It’s the little things that count, after all!:-)

Have you ever grown a melt-a-way?

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Seedy Samantha
Seedy Samantha
11 years ago

Love melt-aways! (it’s like ice cream only better!)

I think you should grow the flowers and then, when they are in the height of beauty, cut them and deliver them to your friendly teller! You will make her day — and that’s the point of getting up in the am, isn’t it? … to leave the world a better place!

Blossom where you are planted, my dear!!!

11 years ago

Seedy has a great idea…good luck!