Fall… You Can Feel It In The Air

I slept really well last night. The air temp dropped to the mid-50s… great for sleeping. A lot better than the mid-80 heat we had here in the summer… almost time to take the air conditioner out of the window… of course we know as soon as I do that we’ll get a blast of tropical heat and I’ll regret the move…

But today, I need a sweatshirt… and the air is a little crisper… the light, a little more stark with contrast and without the soft edges of a hazy summer morning… feel likes a good day to take some late summer pictures… perhaps capture those first leaves that change color…

My garden is a mess… the morning glories are finally growing… the badger that lives in the abandoned house next door kept eating all the young shoots so it’s taken most of the summer for the plant to get going… and now it’s almost time for the first frost to kill it…

Saddest of all, the Tee Club, my thursday afternoon golf group held its final dinner last night. Good times, good season…but time to find other venues to play and practice.

I always find fall a bit sad and sentimental. I’m a spring person, … what do you think?

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13 years ago

I am a fall person myself. Fall all year would work for me.

Cousin Kathy
Cousin Kathy
13 years ago

Keep that cool weather coming for next week!!!