Flying To Cow Country

I’ve just had my first encounter with SunCountry airlines. As I write this post in my notebook I am flying somewhere over the state of Ohio -at least I imagine it to be Ohio or maybe Indiana… 
In any event we are high above the clouds winging our way to 
Wisconsin to visit my brother and family … A few days in the land of cheese and methane gas (lots of cows in Wisconsin!) My sister is at my side, playing greenbelt Sudoku and doing very well. 

We had a little glitch with the airline getting our seats. We booked through Orbitz rather than directly with th airline and there was some confusion about our place on the plane. We were supposed to be in row 6, seats c and d on the aisle. Instead we ended upd in row 19 a and b with me stuck in the middle. Fortunately they needed to “balance the plane” whatever that means and they were looking for a couple of people to move up to a couple of extra seats that were empty. Our Seats in row 6! The very ones from which we had been bounced. Luckily the fellow next to me and his wife moved up, and now there is plenty of room in our aisle and I even have some elbow and knee room. Amazing!

So what shall we do in Wisconsin? All to be revealed in due time. more later.

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