Full Moon Tonight!!! – NONONO!

SORRY… wrong date… the iPad ap was right… my internal calendar is off by one day… March 8 is the actual day of the full moon…. and that is, alas, tomorrow!

And so… here is the info for March 8….

I just downloaded a new ap for my iPad…. Full Moon calendar! and now I can track the cosmic orb as it rises and sets!

Tonight it will be a full moon, rising just after 6 pm… and it’s a warm nearly spring day here. I’ve been locked into my desk for the last twelve days so I’m heading out —- I need a quick break… and then off to the ocean to photo the rising of the moon.

I shall create a new gallery or album and place it on this blog later today. Such marvels of technology that I can shoot the moon here on Cape Cod, and you, no matter where you are in the world, will be able to view and see what I see by this evening.

It is truly a marvel! So check back later to see what i see. Trala. Off to the races!

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