Gatlinburg – A Third Tennesee Day – Road Trip Tales #11

June 23, At Crosby State Park just outside Gatlinburg, Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

Plan on 2 days here – 2 nights with bears!!!

40% chance of rain , but not yet — maybe in the morning… don’t know.

We have to be very careful about food because of BEARS!

(Editor’s Note: After being on the road in tight quarters for over two weeks, much of it spent either camping in the rain or staying in cheap motels, our spirits were wearing thin. But we thoroughly enjoyed the Smokies and our interaction with nature… such as it was.

The Park Rangers weren’t kidding when they told us to keep our food in the car or up a tall tree… never in our tent. We heard “snufflers” in the night just outside the tent flaps. I suspect bears were all about!)

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a fan
a fan
11 years ago

Those mountains definitely are gorgeous! It helps to be hopeful about the future when you have that kind of view.