Giving Thanks

It’s early morning. I just got up, made coffee and am about to start a fire for a warm and cozy beginning to the day. It’s Thanksgiving.

I feel that today of all days, thanks are more than in order for all the good things in my life: my family, my friends, my health, my ability to think, to walk, to talk, to “babble-on” — to work and sustain myself, to travel, to have adventures, to play golf!!!

I listen to the news a lot. Too much, probably, because what I hear more often than not is a lot of sad stories of people, families towns, nations in trouble… and I realize how happily untouched by most of that, my life has been. Much abundance has been given to me. What would it be like to know that at any moment a sniper could pick me off, a suicide bomber could blow up a crowd of people at the local Stop and Shop, that a gang might stop my car at the next intersection and demand the keys?

I live in a very warm and cozy place in my life where coffee, scrambled eggs and bacon are in the works, a fire in the hearth and a loving family waiting for me to join them for a thanksgiving feast later today. Tomorrow I leave for a week under the sunny skies of Florida and time to just sit and do nuthin. I really am lucky and I know it.

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