Gotta Run… My Coffee’s Getting Cold

I had great plans to get up early, take my time getting ready, sip my coffee in the sunshine, wander aimlessly through my many garden paths… but time is rushing by, I am still in my bathrobe, and my coffee is now getting cold. So I gotta run.

Today, the RedTees arrive… those two ladies from Ireland who entertained myself and my friend Noreen back in May. Delayed by more than three days thanks to hurricane Irene, we have a big task to squeeze in as much golf as we can in the four days they are here in Massachusetts. Today we had scheduled Ballymeade in Falmouth. Several fellow golfers are joining us… although the RedTees don’t arrive till this evening – we still had to go through with it all…. I must suffer with another round out in the bright sunshine, under the blue skies of Cape Cod, playing, playing playing…. Maybe someday, with enough practice, I will be better than I am right now.

There is definitely room for improvement. And if nothing else, playing golf on a work day improves my attitude if not my handicap.

More later, once the ladies arrive.

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12 years ago

The Irish golfers have be given a treat – to be able to play golf in this gorgeous weather! Enjoy the day!

12 years ago

Have a great time and don’t worry about your score (: