Heading South To The Trade Show

I set my alarm for 6am… it rang… I snoozed… it rang again… no worries… plenty of time… breakfast, shower, dress, last stuff packing…

I forgot about the ice on the car windshield and the fact that the car doors were frozen shut… and that the scraper was inside on the floor… duh?

No worries… made it to the bus stop with about 45 seconds to spare! 🙂 And now, happily, I am recharging my computer, my phone and my body with starbucks coffee as I post you this little note.

Flight begins to board in about half hour… I’ve checked the time twice… just to be sure…. I’m having a time dyslexic thing lately… booked this flight one day later than I intended… no harm, really…. it was demo day at the trade show, which would have been fun to watch… but the show I am attending really gets under way tomorrow…. so all is well.

I have high hopes for this adventure… hoping to connect with the “right” people who will  connect me with the “right” people, etc. etc…. the whole point being to increase traffic to my blog, golfgurls.com and increase its value. I’m attending as official “media”… equal to (at least in admission status) to the likes of Bob Costas and NBC, CBS, Golf Channel, etc.

I’ve never been a media person before… I think it should allow me access to a lot of people who would otherwise not look at me twice…. as media person, they (the vendors) want me to tell their story… review their product, get their name out there…. so I should have some influence! And that’s something new!

I’ll keep you posted as to all that is happening. I’ll be about a mile from Disneyland, but no chance of going there… too busy being an important “media” person, after all. 🙂

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Medea Starr
Medea Starr
13 years ago

Have fun rubbing elbows with the golf pros! Go Golfgurls! And enjoy the warmth of FL!

13 years ago

Look out Katie Couric…golf gurls is in the house…enjoy your new role as media madam…and the warmth of florida….we are headed into another major storm tonight!!!