Here’s One Cage You Can Rattle!

I just wrote a post this past weekend about my battle with unwanted little varmits sneaking about my floorboards. My solution was to put out an effective little trap that guaranteed a “SNAP!” solution. And it worked. The one nasty varmit has been disappeared. However, a reader sent me some photos of her alternative method of taking care of the beasts… and I promised I would post her  way of managing a “humane” answer to this problem.

First I show you the creatures – little woodrats!:

Wood Rats at Large!!!

Then the Have A Heart Trap:

Wood Rats In A Have A Heart Trap

And finally, the terrified little woodrat staring out from the trap, it’s nasty little teeth ready to pounce in revenge!

Cute little Wood Rat justifiably terrified.

If you want to capture the creatures, then bring the trap out to the woods far from your home where you can let them go into the wild… then this is the trap for you.

You can find Have A Heart Traps online. Here’s the link:

Of course you do take the chance that because of your kindness, the creatures decide your home is the very best of all and they find their way back to you in celebration.

Your choice! 🙂

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11 years ago

If you see one, he’s got a lot of buddies in the bushes! Keep your feet up while you’re watching television!