Home With A Stuffed Up Nose



I caught a cold on the plane back from Ireland. I’m sure of it. Where else could I end up with sniffles, drips and a cough..? ’tis a strange thing to be confined… but I am lucky… not much work on my desk today, so I am free to write and wrestle with the germs in my own time.

And how have you been while I’ve been traveling? Any major changes in your life? Any new arrivals? or departures?

Spring is definitely here and gone…. we had temps in the 90s here on Cape Cod these last few days… but today, it’s rain and pouring floods from the sky… I think it’s the left over storms from the midwest and the remains of the tornados… hey, compared to ceilings crashing down and trees falling, I’ll take a deep puddle or two.

So all is well. I’m home, working away, sniffling for the moment, and otherwise keeping my spirits and my chins (!!! I’ve gained weight!) up! Tomorrow the sun will shine and I intend to take a bike ride. More later.

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10 years ago

Hope you’re feeling better. Thanks for all your help with the co-cold compatriot!