I Admit It – I’m A Happy Camper

. . . . .

I watched as much of the Election News Coverage as I could stand… but around 10pm I went to bed. Of course, I was still curious about knowing the election results, so as I snuggled under my down comforter I listened to election returns on my iPad. (I use the Stitcher Ap to access all kinds of radio stations including the local NPR station. Better reception via the iPad than even my radio.)

And I was most happy with the results of the choices we voters made in my state of Massachusetts. Barack and Elizabeth! Two good people will serve me well during the next years. This morning I am feeling confident that things are moving FORWARD… and looking UP!

And I’m grateful that Romney was gracious in defeat. No bitter back stabbing. Of course, that’s his attitude. Can’t even imagine what poor Rush Limbaugh will be spewing today on his talk show. Should I care?

Celebration time!

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a fan
a fan
11 years ago

At long last, Massachusetts elects a woman in a state-wide election. Hard to believe in 2012 its a first. Here’s to Elizabeth – a smart, passionate advocate for all of us. Finally!

Reply to  a fan
11 years ago

Let’s hear it for LIZ! Hoopla!