I Am Really Annoyed! And Angry At These Idiots!

I use paypal.com to buy things on the internet sometimes. It’s not the way I always buy things, but I have an active account. Usually, no problem with it. But I just got an email supposedly from them that declared my PayPal Account has been suspended. Of course I opened it, curious to know what the problem was they had encountered.

And of course, it was a bogus email… with a very authentic looking notice asking me to correct the problem by linking back to them with my username and password, etc….. I have received enough of these scam thingamabobs to know one when I see one… but this one stands out for the sneaky way they almost got my info.

The response email address was “information@paypall.com”… not paypal… sneaky scam artists…. it would have been easy to not see it…. and then of course, because they are idiots, they misspelled a few words in the message… so the fact it was a bogus message became obvious.

Just makes me angry! If you ever get a message from a bank or service that declares you are suspended or your information needs to be confirmed… consider it bogus. Don’t answer…. don’t even bother to open the idiot email.

Ever have this happen to you????

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11 years ago

yes and they put $ 7000 on my american express account !!!I don’t ever use paypal anymore.you are much more alert than I was, only 24 more days bye,bye midge