I Am Very Confused… Is It Fall Yet?

I’ve never been very good with exact dates of the season changes… happens mid morning sometimes… so is today the first full day of Fall, or did that happen two days ago? Somehow I have the 21st stuck in my head as the day of the great turning… but who knows.

Today is a rainy indoor kind of day. Many errands to run. No food in the house. Lots of dust bunnies running about. Lots to do… and yet it’s a day for a good movie and some popcorn. What should I do?

If I stick with my plan, the trash will get to the dump, the dust bunnies will end up in the bin, there will be food on the table, blogs will be written, the bank will have my money, my computer will be fixed, the mail will be picked up and the laundry will be done, ironed and folded. But whhhhhaaaaahhhhh! I want to just sit and watch a movie or read a book. It’s that kind of day…. and my inertia is kicking in quickly. That’s what happens as the weather gets cooler and the days get shorter and I feel like hibernating.

Sigh…. maybe if I take a shower that’ll get me started?

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