I Hate Socks That Slip

This is going to be short! I’m heading out the door. But I hate socks that slip and just had to vent.

I put on some silky brown kneehighs, perfect for my penny loafers… (I’m dressing classic today.) But the darn things don’t have the right kind of elastic at the top, or if they did, the latest washing and drying cycles killed it… so they are beginning to slip. And if I don’t change them now, I know I’ll be one of those people in front of you in the super market line, bending over and yanking on my socks. Embarassing.

So I’m giving in. I’m heading upstairs to change. And I’ll probably toss these out or recycle them at the salvation army box for someone with less svelt legs. You see, that is the root of my problem. I have such lovely calfs, of just the right proportion that I need sophisticated elastic at the top of my hose. Don’t you agree?

Do you ever have this problem?

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