I Have A New Boyfriend. His Name is Daniel, He’s British…

…and he lives inside my Garmin. – That’s techie for GPS.

Thought I’d get you going with that title. Nasty, I know.

I bought the GPS when I was driving in circles last month in Florida and this afternoon it came in handy when I headed off to find a golf shop that sold ladies golfwear. I am in need of a new jacket. The old Nike grey thing I’ve been wearing is beginning to look grey and old and worn. It’s time for something flashy and wild… so people notice me when I am hunting for my lost balls in the woods. (An inevitable adventure whenever I play the game.)

Golf opens this coming week at my golf club and the season gets underway with a tournament every Tuesday morning. OH such rapture. I can hardly contain my glee.

I bought new shoes, new tees, new balls and a new glove. I have all my clubs in spanking shape and I am ready to rock and roll. Great hopes and expectations for getting that high handicap number down another peg.

So there ya go. My life is that exciting that I spend my days cleaning my clubs and following the whims of Daniel my British Garmin Guy. I think I’ll spend a little time with Mr. Dewars tonight. He’s such a warm and cozy companion.

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13 years ago

Yes, but Mr. Dewars won’t improve your golf game and you want to fit in that fancy new jacket!

Cousin Kathy
Cousin Kathy
13 years ago

I was with Elizabeth when you sent this — thanks for the laugh!!!!