I Shoulda Shoveled When I Coulda

It snowed yesterday. A lot. I was out in it for a while. Crawled to and from the office…20 mph was speedy. Was supposed to meet a colleague of mine – we were going to do a day of video, promoting a new product for my other blog: golfgurls.com  But the snow fates were against us. She was coming down from Hudson to join me here on the Cape but got stuck behind five snowplows on one of the big highways. You know the kind… five trucks across, ice and salt spitting out the backside at any car that dares to get too close… she finally gave up after following them for ten miles. At the rate she was traveling, it would have taken her three hours to get here. So we cancelled our plans and the day was mine again.

I headed home and not a moment too soon. Car was covered with 5 inches of fast falling snow. I got out of the office parking lot, onto the main road and then inched my way home behind a very slow moving line of traffic. You could see the cars ahead slipping and sliding. In fact, I discovered a new gizmo on my dashboard. Every time my tires started to slide this weird little bright orange triangle with an exclamation point would flash in front of me. “Oh, oh!!! Danger, danger!!! Your tires are slipping! Watch out, Watch Out!” … and what was I supposed to do about it? I didn’t need some strange flashing graphic to warn me that I was losing traction… watching the landscape go by out the side window was warning enough!

Anyway, I got home, shoveled a path to the front door and then stayed in, away from the cold and falling snow. Now, it’s Sunday morning and everything is covered with crusty ice. What a joy! Probably will take me several hours to crack through… of course I could wait till the temp rises and it melts? Maybe by June?

Do you shovel as the snow falls? Or do you wait till you have to dig out?

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12 years ago

Depends on my mood. ..Yesterday I also stayed in and will need a jack hammer to get into my car!