I’m going in three directions at once..1..2..3

It isn’t easy being schizo… did I write that correctly? I mean… being three persons at the same time… taking on sub personalities??? maybe I should call myself Sybll…that should give you a clue… not that it matters…. really…

Just let it be said, loud and clear, that I am spinning in place with so many options available… and I am trying to choose the best one to come down to earth, land and deliver…. !

I leave for Minnesota and Wisconsin on Friday... big life time celebration for my bro and his wife…. lots of friends, food, wine, scotch (I hope)… I promise to be good, people! and lots of photos.. I am bringing my camera, though I decided to leave the video camera at home…

Cousins, sisters, brothers, chillins… old pals and good times… will report back as things progress…. Tra La!

But first… I’m off to play a round of golf…! Yahoo.

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Westward Bound
Westward Bound
11 years ago

Can’t wait to celebrate LIFE with you!