I’m Waiting For The Rain To Start

26817380They’re predicting torrents of water and flood… thank goodness we won’t be getting all that snow! I just got word that Scituate, a town not too far north is evacuating low lying areas in anticipation. Rain has started and the wind is picking up…. I have my shovel at the front door… but maybe I should get out some buckets and sponges instead…

Here’s a link to the latest wind / rain charts from the local tv station: http://bit.ly/12v0Pos

I don’t mind the raw wind, but if the power goes out… ! Here we go again with the layers, the blankets, the D batteries lined up and lots of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I think I’ll cook up a few pieces of chicken for dinner tonight, just in case…

What do you do when the storm’s about to hit…?

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