Is it time to shoot the tourists yet?

I don’t really mean it. Shooting tourists? Nevah. They are the life blood of the econonmy here on the Cape.

Traffic JamBut they are still a pain in the traveling neck. Already, before the summer is in full swing, I can tell the tourists are gathering. Every day I go to the market, the parking lot is a bit fuller, the streets more crowded and the prices are going up. They always go up when the tourists come. Part of the upswing I guess.

Those of us who are natives (or almost natives) know the back roads to avoid a lot of the traffic. And we are smart enough not to share those routes with anyone from afar. Why crowd up the shortcuts. We shop for groceries very early in the morning, go to the office and return home late to avoid the beach traffic to and fro. And avoid all those traps that lure the visitors.

It’s time to settle in with a good book, in the backyard with a cold drink and the BBQ heating up. Summer coming.


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