Is It Work Or Overtime?

I have to go to the office today… My boss (I’m self-employed) is a real slave driver…and I’ve got stuff to do that must be done. Big advantage… The office has air conditioning… My house does not…!

I’m working on a product launch for my blog,…. Have had some technical issues but I think they are finally solved. I may share the PowerPoint slides with you here at some point, just to get reactions to the sales pitch…. Would you be willing to endure a few minutes of sales pitching? let me know in the comment block below.

Yesterday I got shot-twice! Cortisone in my shoulders for the aches and pains of increasing maturity. I’m not supposed to swing a golf club or lift heavy packages for a day or two. Others will have to manage the house cleaning. :-). But the result… Last night I could sleep on my side and today… No pain. Aren’t drugs grand?

So I am off…. Just have to haul out my wash, hang it on the line to dry in the hot sun, and I am outta here. Have a great day.

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11 years ago

Yes, would love to see the slides…and the product you’re launching. Do you suppose the golf helps or hinders those aging shoulders? Hope they’re better. Stay cool

11 years ago

ok…not supposed to haul anything…including wash…where are those 16 year old muscles when you need them?