It Was A Snow False Alarm –

I am sitting at the airport waiting for my flight south to Orlando and the PGA Trade Show. But the weather reports yesterday predicted 5-8 inches of snowfall on the Cape. I thought about taking a later flight, or booking a hotel room at the airport… either would be better than getting up at 5am to shovel 8 inches of snow and then crawl through sliding traffic to the bus station.

I put white light around the weatherman and all his predictions.

Voila! Only 3 inches fell, I overslept but had no problem digging out my car which I had parked at the edge of my driveway. I heard the plows come by in the night! 5 times the heavy plow shaved and pushed the snow out of the way so I could get out on time.

The travel gods are good if you treat them right! Only one little crisis. I forgot my pillow! and will have to suffer whatever the hotel serves up. I pray it will not be foam. I hate foam pillows and cannot sleep with them. Do you think white light will work on pillows?

More later from Orlando once I land.  TTFN.

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