It’s Raining Cats, Dogs & Tiger is Drowning!!!

We are in the middle of a major thunderstorm... rain pouring down in the lagoon, our day at the beach foiled. I shall spend time blogging and telling you tales.

It’s been a very lo-key week, just enjoying the sun. I did have one client crisis which, fortunately, I was able to handle because I brought the files with me, just in case. It’s a client that is usually in crisis and having her latest job with me is a smart precaution.

Otherwise, it’s been easy going. Tempted to go to the movies today… “Precious” is a show we all want to see, but it’s a bit depressing and with the rain… today might not be the day.

So what do you think of the Tiger Woods Fiasco? Tell me something I don’t know. The news is filled with more revelations. His injuries came, not from the accident, but from his wife slugging him! I don’t blame her. What is it with these guys? Just heard a commentary on TV news… for guys, a little daliance has nothing to do with love… they do it because they can… but it has nothing to do with the love they have for wife, girlfriend, boyfriend… whoever!… talk about compartmentalization!

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