It’s the 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 2011th Year… Cosmic!!!!

Yes… it is that very magic moment as I type this cosmic missive. Wishing each of you readers grand positive vibrations in your astral field and positively fabu prosperity as the sun turns round the moon and grand design unfolds! (I think I got that astral reality a little mixed up… moon should turn around the earth which turns around the sun….- sorry, I’m working on it.)

I’ve decided that before next year is out I shall play golf at The Green Monkey golf course in Barbados! Saw a glimpse of it on the Today show this morning. I deserve to stay at the Sandy Lane resort and be feted on fabu foods and mahvelous cocktails. Want to join me???

Check out this grand adventure:

Only $1,400/night double occupancy… Fabu fabu!!!

Tell you what, I’m always on some diet or other… so if I lose 30 lbs in the next six months I will definitely make the trip in celebration! Just think, svelt me on the shores of Sandy Lane and the fairways of The Green Monkey. Tra La tra la!!!

ok…. it’s now 11:05… the cosmic moment is done… back to my office and desk….- a cloudy day on Cape Cod…. sigh. But to keep the dream alive I’m going to bookmark SandyLane and put a photo of me with my golf clubs right there on my wall. YES!!!!

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11 years ago

Ok…I’m going to hit you up for a loan…anyone who can spend that kind of money to chase a ball around must be loaded!