January 2 – Coming Up For Air

The holidays were grand. Lots of good times, good people, good food – too much good food. Many thanks to each and every one who came, who enjoyed, who partied!

I drove my sister and her family to the bus station late this morning. Snow was falling but it did not seem to delay the bus, and their plane took off just a few minutes late. Come Monday, all will be back to work, school and busy lives.

Today, I am spending doing little or nothing. It’s a good day to just veg out. They are still predicting more snow tonight and I might end up shoveling in the morn. But for now, it’s all peace and tranquility. Welcome 2010. Here’s hoping it will be a great year.

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13 years ago

I wouldn’t want you to have too much quiet too soon…shock to the system, so I will call and bug you…what are little sisters for?

Cousin K.
Cousin K.
13 years ago

Thanks again for a lovely (!) time!!! Am stringing Nanna’s beads tonight 🙂