Keurig In The Woods

It’s 7am. I’m sitting in the direct line of the rising sun coming through the pine trees. Although only 14 degrees outside I am warm and toasty in this upstairs loft with the floor to ceiling windows and the down comforter across my knees. Just made myself a cup of coffee. My host received a Keurig Cofee Maker as a gift, and lucky me, I’m the first to give it a test run. Much nicer than having to dress and schlep down the road to the Cumberland Farms store for my early morning java. You see, I am visiting friends in Maine and they are decidedly tea drinkers. Not a bit of caffeine in the house. Without my morning Joe I am a headache waiting to happen!

So, what shall we do today? Saturday and the time is wide open. At six we have friends coming for dinner, but until then it will be shop till we drop. Lots of outlets to explore in these Maine woods and funky little tourist traps to investigate, though it being February, many of those are closed for the season. None the less, it will all be fun. Good times with good friends. Lucky me.


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