Labor Day Weekend

It’s been a great summer. Warm weather, two weddings, lots of gatherings, eating, drinking, — a steak or two… no lobster yet, though I’m planning on some fried clams before the weekend’s done… and lots of golf.  Lots of golf. Dropped my handicap 5 points which is a lot for me.

Didn’t do a lot of swimming, not that my sister didn’t try to get me into the water. There’s something about getting wet that just doesn’t appeal. Sound strange? I suppose, but I figure if we were supposed to live in the water, we would have gills. And I don’t.

Caught a nasty summer cold these last few days of the season. Been popping pills and sipping cough syrup. No scotch till the medicine’s done. Don’t want to mix my drugs!

Which reminds me… just watched the last of the episodes of “Orange is the New Black”… season 3 started off slow, but by the last episode!!! ? There’s going to be fireworks come season 4. Are they planning on a season 4? Don’t leave me hanging here. Are you a fan of the program? If you are, what do you think? Add a comment… too much violence? too many drugs? too much sex? this program has it all… and you might want to turn away, but you can’t… it’s well done, well told, and compelling. I look forward to more…

But back to the Weekend… and the end of summer… must get in one or two more adventures before the leaves fall and the (gawd don’t even think it!!! – the snow flies!)… I’m off to grill my dinner.

…more later.

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