Landed, Arrived, Settled In

Travel is an exhausting adventure. Especially when it is a repeat business. The first time I traveled to the PGA Show it was exciting. Who knew what would happen, who I would meet, what new things I would see. But now, with two shows behind me and the third starting tomorrow, i am just tired and ready for bed at 7pm!!! after a full day of traveling.

Stopped at Sizzler buffet for lunch/supper! Why didn’t I remember how awful it was???? God! The Golden Corral is a better deal and that’s saying something.

Ah well, just bought a small bottle of wine to sooth my spirit, am finishing up a few things and then watching a movie before hitting the hay.

About my pillow…. only foam here… better get used to it, at least for the next few days. Sigh.

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