Last Best Resolutions: Eat More / Exercise Less

On this day of all days I am tempted to look back at the year just passed and reflect on all the good and wondrous things that have come my way. So many adventures, challenges and opportunities! And I am grateful for every one of them.

Among the highlights of course is my trip to Ireland in May with my golfing buddy Noreen… And the red tees!  A week in the old country is worth a year anywhere else on the planet.

My second highlight was exploring the world of Pepin Wisconsin and visiting with my brother. Hot days by the Mississippi! My sister Claudia And I took an adventure walk downtown…  I dressed in “The Pepin” look to disguise my identity!  Lots of fun. And my third highlight was golfing in Hilton Head in October.

But now, home and sitting by the fire and thinking deep thoughts of the future I realize that I have so many new places to explore… I am intent on indulgence, and enjoying every minute of the coming year. Not only exploring far off lands… But trying out new foods… Taking a cooking class in gourmet foods, learning a new dance step or two… I tried Zumba once and failed miserably… But there must be a class in cha cha cha that I can handle… Just looking at the possibilities!

All my best wishes to you for this coming year! Indulge and enjoy!

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12 years ago

I love your philosophy…it is SO in contrast to everything else right now about, “slimming down” and”best diets” and “how to lose those holiday pounds.” Cherry pie for breakfast anyone?
Best wishes for an exciting new year!