Mai Tais, Brainblocks and Little Umbrellas!

What a party! Family hold back on the nibbles till the guests arrive! but that did not include the Mai Tais. We had an expert onboard who knew just the right amount of Triple Sec to add to the mix to give each glass that extra little kick. By the time the Chinese food arrived we were all singing a happy tune.

When good friends get together it is hard to stop the laughter. Old stories always emerge and those who were part of the remembered saga are embarrassed while those hearing the tale for the umpteenth time, just smile and roll their eyes, knowing the punch line long before it is told.

And then there was the game. One of the guests brought the card game Quiddler, a sort of fast moving scrabble in your hand competition. I didn’t think it possible for all nine of us to get into it, but within just a few short minutes we were all hooked on the game, each trying to form as many words out of the lettered cards we were dealt. This is when the BRAINBLOCK started to kick in… Or maybe it was the wine or the Mai Tais?  How can you stare at certain letters and just not see the word that you have?  C. E. I.    ??? Duh???  Try again but this time change the order.  E. I. C.  ??? Now do you see it?   Poor C_____ , no matter how she stared at the cards she just didn’t see the word. She was about to pass on her turn when K____ , seated next to her, helped her out.  I. C. E.  !!!! Oooooohhhhh! Sometimes the simplest solution evades. Our brains are blocked and no matter how you look you cannot see.

Ever happen to you? You look and look but do not see, and then suddenly… It becomes clear as day. Brainblock. Temporary but real. And a little scary too.

Thank goodness for friends who wiill help point the way and the solution to our puzzlement.

Great party!



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11 years ago

C____ was at a disadvantage because Latin words were not acceptable. Great time! Great friends!

Reply to  QED
11 years ago

ICE is not a Latin word!