Too Many Changes

It’s been months since I last wrote in this blog. Too many changes happening, too many irons in the fire.

Yesterday I attended a yoga class for the third time… aches and pains! Did something to my left shoulder, but I don’t want to talk about it. I’m hoping leaving it alone will make it go away.

But one thing that won’t go away is a question the yoga teacher asked us to think about: If you only had today, what are the things you are grateful for that you would want to keep with you…  I think she meant when you go to the “other side” wherever that is… And it got me thinking… of course family and friends are first, then the air and water and the sun… very important… and then my brain… want to keep my memories and my ambitions and my work and my writing… and of course my health – even with the bum shoulder…. 0h!!!! and my golf clubs of course! 🙂 must keep working on my handicap

So I want to keep everything when I pass on… wherever that is… and I’m grateful for what is! and what is bound to be… Can’t I take it all?

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