Memphis to Nashville – A Tennesee Day – Road Trip Tales #9

June 21, 11:55 a.m. – Leaving Days Inn for Downtown Memphis

Watched Dark Crystal on HBO this a.m. in the motel room (Editor’s note: We must have been exhausted from time on the road to watch T.V.!) Had a leisurely breakfast.

Now to AAA to see Tennessee info and a driving tour of the city.

Stop! Cancelled! – drove through Memphis to Dixon (20 miles west of Nashville.)

Thursday Evening: 7:48 p.m.  It’s been raining since 4:30ish. We had supper under a “canopy” my sister set up, and cooked in the rain. Setting up tent now, hanging loose. Tomorrow possibly going to Nashville to see Grand Ole Opry…(Editor’s note: I remember this as being one of the low points on the trip. Nothing like being damp all over. Yuck.)

We’ve gone into Dixon for ice cream and gas. I’ve almost finished my book Lusitania! – It’s sinking fast. 🙂

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Travel Tooties
Travel Tooties
11 years ago

Am loving the missive of the journey! Perhaps you and I shall have to do a reverse trip, in a comfy car and time to stop along the way???? Add to Bucket List 😉

Reply to  Travel Tooties
11 years ago

I agree. Sounds like a plan! Perhaps we could do the northern route? I’ve never been to North Dakota! or Iadaho! or Oregon! Been to Montana… and it’s fabu!