Mercury Retrograde Is Sending Me To The Looney Bin!

What a week!¬†Mercury slipped into retrograde (appears to be going backwards) and everything techno has gone to hell in a handbasket. You may have received a short memo from me indicating that, the wondrous site, was toxic… filled with virus bugs, trojan horses and other evil whatnots… things have been fixed… at least for the moment… so it is safe to go back in the water…. but for how long?

Great white sharks are showing up off the coast of Chatham here on Cape Cod….. who knows what lurks in the atmosphere when Mercurial forces are going in wild and strange directions.

I need to hibernate till mid August when things start going forward again… I think I’ll go to bed early tonight and hide under my comforter… temps are going down to 50 degrees tonite. Last night it was 75 degrees all night long. Even the universe is going mad….. Sigh.

And how was your day???

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